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Looking for professional and tailored branding and marketing solutions to take your speaking career to the next level?


Elite Speaker Hub is a full-service brand agency for you… the professional speaker, coach & executive leader.

You’re world class at what you do. We are too.
We have more than 47 years of collective experience. Our purpose is to make sure everyone knows exactly how good you are and your being your true value.

You are your own brand. We have everything you need to promote the value of that brand, all in the one place. While you concentrate on being on stage, we’ll concentrate on ensuring that everything from your logo, your website, your photographs, your video content and your PR are the best in the business. We’ll raise your profile, your status and your fees. We make it impossible for potential bookers to say ‘no’.

One point of contact, access to the best teams in the business, consistent messaging and a track record second to none. It all begins with one free 15 minute conversation.

Just speak. We’ll take care of the rest.


Get bookings and land more opportunities with our Speaker Showreel Days


Elite Speaker Hub provides you with end-to-end support for all your brand and marketing requirements

Photography - icon


Personal Brand Photography will help you to elevate your brand profile across all of your social media, marketing and digital channels.

Video Editing - icon

Video & Editing

Video offers a powerful means of increasing your brands visibility. Showreels are a crucial asset, showcasing your skills to prospective clients.

Speaker - Showreel days

Speaker Showreel Days

All of your essential speaker assets recorded in one session. Get booked up and paid your worth as a keynote speaker.

Brand - Graphic design

Brand & Graphic Design

Need a brand revamp? We'll help you develop a standout brand that reflects who you are, covering all touchpoints from logo to marketing collateral.

Digital - Design Websites

Digital Design & Websites

Websites are your most important digital asset. With effective messaging and consistent branding, your site will convert prospects into real opportunities.

social media digital marketing - icon

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Develop and implement a robust social media and marketing strategy that speaks to your audience, elevates your positioning and grows your reach.


I have recommended Mel to hundreds of speaker’s because her work is that good. She understands our business and what the client is looking for. Her gentle guidance and positive encouragement makes all the difference to the final product. I have used Melinda on many occasions for portraits of my team and me. Her photos are exceptional and the process is always easy and enjoyable. I also use Mel for video work often. She is fast and professional. I highly recommend Mel for anyone looking for a professional shoot.


Speaker - Leanne Christie

I booked Melinda for my conference after meeting her and just instantly thinking she was amazing. The energy and positivity she brings to everything she does is absolutely infectious. Easy to work with, affable and fun, she's also a hard worker doing anything it takes to get the job done. Her photos truely express the event, breathing life into your website, and helping promote it to a wider audience. She also a great connector, people person and just general cheerleader for my business. I would quite literally never book another photographer for any event. And might even change the date if Melinda wasn't free.


Speaker - Kate Toon

"Melinda Hird has been my company's official photographer since 2018, with good reason. Firstly, she is a beautiful person and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Easy-going, kind, supportive and professional. When it comes to her work as a photographer, she is the boss. She makes you feel relaxed, finds all of the best angles and backgrounds and understands what is needed from a marketing perspective. Naturally, I have recommended Melinda to hundreds of my clients and will continue to do so."


Speaker - Dale Beaumont

"Melinda Hird is the best in the business when it comes to video and branding portraits. There are a number of operators in the speaker world but I really think Melinda loves her clients genuinely and produces outstanding work. I love my branding shots and my showreel creates business for me every day."


Speaker - Lucy Bloom

“I could not have been more blown away by the world-class showreel that Mel produced for me. Mel literally came to my rescue after I felt completely let down by a previous showreel producer. Mel took the time to really understand my situation, my needs, and made me feel completely valued and appreciated. Mel really believed in me, saw my potential, and more importantly, had a vision and plan for what we could do together to create a much better outcome.”


“A speakers reel is the most important asset you have to showcase who you are as a professional keynote speaker. Mel did an awesome job creating this masterpiece that I am happy to share with the world. It truly represents my brand and encapsulates what I stand for. Thank you Mel!”


Speaker - Mitch

Melinda has been an absolute joy to work with to produce my showreel for the website. She has done amazing production! I can only suggest that you at the very least make an appointment to talk with her about your video production needs. And if like me, you engage her services, you will definitely be glad of your investment.

John Buchanan

Speaker - JohnB

"I've had the pleasure of working with Mel on several photography and videography projects and what she has delivered has been phenomenal. Mel's fastidious attention to detail makes her a joy to work with ensures that my digital assets are at a very high quality. I have no hesitation in recommending Mel."


Speaker - Dr Kristy Goodwin

“Melinda was our photographer for the PSA convention 2021 and was the picture of professionalism. She captured the entire virtual convention with incredible and striking imagery that absolutely captured the fun and essence of the event. She was also a delight to be with, so 4 days spent in her presence was great. She’s creative, professional and generous and I’d HIGHLY recommend Melinda for your next event.”


Speaker - Kirryn

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